Alumni Transcript Request

Walker Valley High School

Official Transcript Request

****Students who currently attend WVHS:  Please fill out the request notebook in the Counseling Center.*****

WVHS Alumni:

To have an official transcript sent please provide the following information:

Print you name at graduation ______________________________(Print clearly)

Date of Birth ______________ Year of Graduation ____________ Date:__________

Your current phone number: _________________________________

Address to mail transcript:


School Name: ______________________________________________

First, Last Name:_____________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________


Your Signature: ________________________________________

**Transcript request are fulfilled every Wednesday and Friday.

      **Official Transcripts are usually mailed from our office DIRECTLY to the organization requesting them.

**Occasionally, you may prefer to hand deliver them to the college or job yourself.  We will give you the transcript in a sealed envelope:
the envelope must remain sealed to remain official, subject to the discretion of the organization receiving it.

Please forward the above information along with $5.00 to:


Walker Valley High School
c/o Guidance Department

750 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy

Cleveland, TN 37312



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