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Welcome to the STEM Academy

STEM develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. STEM isn't a stand-alone class. It is a way to intentionally incorporate different subject across an existing curriculum.
The STEM Academy at Walker Valley is dedicated to inspiring students to realized their potential for success in STEM careers by supporting their exploration of STEM related fields, encouraging the development of 21st Century skills and industry certifications, and proving them with the tools to be successful in post secondary education.
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- 3 additional math classes above requirement
- 3 additional science classes above requirement
  1. Agriscience
  2. Ag Mechanics 1
  3. Ag Mechanics 2 (Farm Power and Machinery)
  4. Ag Mechanics 3 (Agricultural Engineering)
  5. Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  1. Computer Science Foundations
  2. Coding 1
  3. Coding 2
  1. STEM 1
  2. STEM 2
  3. STEM 3
  1. Agriscience
  2. Greenhouse Management
  3. Landscaping and Turf Grass
  4. Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  1. Principles of Manufacturing
  2. (PIE) Digital Electronics
  3. (PIE) Mechatronics 1
  4. (PIE) Mechatronics 2
  1. Computer Science Foundations
  2. Computer Systems
  3. Networking
  1. Agriscience
  2. Small Animal Science
  3. Large Animal Science
  4. Veterinary Science