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Attendance Office

Walker Valley Attendance Department 

Abbie Patterson - Attendance Director [email protected]

Elizabeth Vargas - Attendance Secretary [email protected]

Attendance Office Phone (423) 336-1384 

Q: How many times is my student allowed to check out? 

A: Students are allowed FOUR parent checkouts per semester; students are allowed unlimited checkouts if a doctor’s excuse is turned in. These notes are separate from notes for unexcused full day absences. 

Q: How many parent notes can I use for my student’s absences?

A: Parents are allowed an excuse for THREE days per semester. Once the student has used their three parent notes, they will be considered unexcused until there is a note presented from a medical professional. 

Q: What is the Tier Intervention Program? 

A: The Intervention program is designed to make parents aware of their students' absences. Once a student reaches THREE unexcused absences, the parent/guardian will be asked to sign a Tier I Intervention contract which notifies them of the three unexcused absences. If the student is absent following the signed contract date, a meeting (Tier 2) will be set up with the student, parent/guardian, attendance director and possibly other school officials. A subsequent absence after that meeting will result in being summoned for Campus Court.

Q: How should students turn in their excuse notes?

A: There are several different options for turning in excuse notes. A student may turn in the notes to the attendance office upon their return to school. Notes can also be sent via fax (423-336-1578).

Q: My student turned in notes for absence, but they are not showing up on my ParentVue account?

A: The ParentVue and Synergy programs do not always sync when absences are changed from unexcused to excused. If you have any questions about your students attendance record, please contact us.

Q: How do I acquire the letter my student needs to obtain his/her driver’s license? 

A: Your student may stop by the attendance office to request a copy.


Attendance Office 
(423) 336-1384