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Welcome to the Walker Valley Humanities Academy! My name is Tommy Leach.  I am the Humanites Academy Administrator. 
I am excited to meet you and your family as you pursue a career that gives you meaning and purpose in life.  Whatever it is that you want to be, do, or achieve - we can get you there! In the Humanites Academy, teachers will listen to you, teach you, and spend purposeful time with you, everyday, to help you achieve your career and life goals.
The Humanities Academy at WVHS is dedicated to placing you and your talents on showcase. As you explore the diverse areas of study we have to offer, here are some course categories that may interest you:  Audio/Visual Productions, Criminal Justice, Teaching as a Profession, Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, and World Languages. 
If I can help you in any way please let me know.  I look forward to seeing you reach higher, see further, and shine brighter, EVERYDAY!  Go Mustangs!
Tommy Leach - Dean of Students - Humanities Academy Administrator - [email protected]
Katie Delbonis - Humanities Academy Guidance Counselor - [email protected]
A/V Productions 1
A/V Productions 2 (The Spill)
A/V Productions 3 (The Spill)
Applied Arts Practicum
Criminal Justice 1
Criminal Justice 2
Criminal Justice 3
Fundamentals of Education
Teaching as a Profession 1
Teaching as a Profession 2
Teaching as a Profession 3: Internship
3 Choral credits (after the 1st required fine art credit) including: 
Concert Choir
Valley Voices (audition required)
Chamber Choir (audition required) 
3 Band credits (after the 1st required fine art credit) including: 
Marching Band
Concert Band
Jazz Band
Chamber Band
3 Art credits (after the 1st required fine art credit) including: 
Visual Art 1
Visual Art 2
Drawing and Painting
Visual Art 3
AP Art
3 Foreign Language credits (after the 2 required foreign language credits)
Educators Rising
Humanities Student Leadership
Skills USA
WV Live (Broadcasting)
World Language Club